Monday, March 5, 2012

My Diet: Week 5

I had a breakthrough Week 5 finishing the week around 166.5lbs.  The weekend really helped in that I could stick with the diet and workout since I wasn't traveling and I was motivated by the previous flop of a week.  It also helped that the ROTC Frostbite Frolic 5K was on Saturday morning, on which I ran a 24:54.  That isn't too bad for the first race of the year. 

With only a pound and a half until my goal weight of 165, I've noticed something surprising: that I have more fat I could lose.  I could probably safely reach 160 and still have plenty of body fat.  I think I will maintain my current calorie intake for a while and if I keep losing, so be it.  Once I reach my original goal of 165, I will stop posting to facebook and be only accountable to my blog followers.

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