Friday, February 24, 2012

My Diet: Week 4

At the beginning of the week, I was very excited and had high hopes.  I had just finished reading The Body Fat Solution, which I requested on MOBIUS through our library at Truman, and picked up a few more eating and fitness habits that I want to implement. 

Week 4 has been the week that I worked out as hard as I did the first few weeks, and stuck to a diet that was similar to the third.  I wanted to see a bigger drop this week as a result.  Perhaps my calorie intake is slowly catching up with my metabolism and I need to drop it down again.

The weekends have obviously been killing the diet.  You see the spikes for Sunday morning weigh-ins.  This weekend, we aren't going bar hopping in St. Louis or hosting a chili cook-off.  In fact, I'm signed up to run the ROTC Frostbite Frolic 5K Saturday morning at 9am.  Maybe there will be less of a spike this weekend, and hence a bigger drop off in Week 5?

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